Dealing with Traveling, Weddings and Tailgating

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So, this is a situation I know MANY other people have to deal with and this is how I'm going to!

Tomorrow after work I make the 6 hour drive back to my parents house for a wedding this weekend and Sunday we're hitting up a Pirates game.  This inevitably involves tailgating Sunday and my family loves their red wine at home, something I'm going to have to refrain from!  There are a couple of things I need to figure out how to prepare for here:

1.  Healthy food while driving
2.  Healthy meals at my parents house
3.  The wedding
4.  Tailgating

This weekend I put a lot of effort into preparing healthy snacks.  I only like to stop once on the drive home, call me impatient but 6 hours in a car is enough for me without extending it with multiple unnecessary stops! I'm so used to the drive anyway I have this down pat!  Here are some snacks I plan on having in the car with me:

Roasted Chickpeas
Baby Carrots
Baked Chicken Strips 

I should arrive a little after dinner time but I'm planning on packing a cooler to bring back some of the meals I pre-prepared this week so I don't have to resort to eating something unhealthier.  Of course, I'll also have my Shakeology for breakfast and my Energy and Endurance powder and Results and Recovery formula for my workouts. My Mum has been kind enough to pick up some unsweetened almond milk and ricotta cheese so I can make my favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Shakeology for breakfast!

Next, the wedding.  This I plan on saving my cheat day for.  Since it doesn't start until 4pm, the only meals that will be affected are my main meal and possible late night snack which I don't always have anyway.  I'm hoping that by filling up on healthy food earlier in the day, getting in my breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack will help me avoid any cocktail food temptations and wait for dinner.  I do
plan on drinking at the wedding, maybe a couple glasses of red wine but for every glass I have I'll drink a glass of water.  I also have a baseball game to go to the next day and being out in the blazing heat with a hangover is not my idea of a good day.  Along with my hopefully strong willpower I think I'll be able to tackle this head on and can't wait for a wonderful day.  Saturday is my last day of Core Cardio and Balance with Insanity so I'll complete my workout in the morning and go for a swim for extra cardio!

Sunday is our Pirates game and my family loves to spend some time on the Strip in Pittsburgh picking up fine cheeses, bread, olives and extra goodies we can find.  I'll be bringing chicken for the barbecue,  I'll have max 2 small pieces of bread and cheese if any at all and I'll also bring some carrots and hummus to snack on.  Plenty of water will be on the table for me and although this is supposed to be my rest day I am going to get a morning swim in at the very least.

Hopefully I can stick to my plan and others can support me as well.  I am my biggest enemy because only I can make the decisions about my actions.  I LOVE the accountability of my Facebook support group.  Checking in with this group each day and talking about my successes and struggles has helped me keep on track significantly and I know it will help me through this weekend.  Thank you to all of you in my group, you are wonderful!

Insanity Month 1 Progress

July 2013

Hi Everyone!!! Welcome to my brand new blog.  I hope you enjoy keeping up with my journey into finding the fit me.  I'm excited to say this is my first post, so let's get into it!!  Right now I'm about 4.5 weeks into Insanity and enjoying my recovery week workouts.  At 4 weeks I took my first progress pictures to be able to compare results.  It's not easy to put pictures like this online and share with the world, but I believe it's important not only for me to help hold myself accountable but to show anyone else who is looking to do this workout that results are achievable and not everyone's results are going to be exactly the same.

My first week of Insanity I was on vacation visiting my parents at home.  I didn't eat clean but I didn't miss a workout.  When I returned to my apartment I started to make the effort to eat cleaner and since then I've done pretty well!!  I've had a couple of cheat meals.  This past Saturday for instance I went out with my cousin for dinner and to a Bon Jovi concert afterwards.  A couple of weeks ago we had dinner in NYC together.  On both occasions plenty of red wine was consumed.  I'll elaborate more on these occasions in a post later.  Let's focus on my month one results.  Well, look for yourself below!  It may not seem much to some, to others it may seem fantastic for one month.  I'm leaning towards the latter.  I couldn't be more pleased with what Insanity, Shakeology and cleaning up my diet have done for me over the last month.  I've heard that month 2 is where you really start to see results, so seeing what I'm seeing now has only served to energize me further!  I've lost almost 6lbs but I'm trying not to go by the scale too much.  I'll take my measurements after I finish month 2 and share those with you as well.