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Monday, August 5, 2013

So, anyone who read my last post knows that this past weekend I was out of town and had to figure out a number of ways to handle events over the weekend.  The 1st being traveling 6 hours in the car, the 2nd, dealing with family temptations, 3rd going to a wedding and 4th a baseball game.

Last week I thought I had done pretty well planning for this weekend so I could stick to my healthy eating as much as possible.  In all honesty, things didn't pan out as I had planned, but hey, that's life.  I made a commitment when I made this blog that I would be honest about the challenges and successes I have and that is exactly what I intend to be. 

I have to say that I pretty much stuck to my meal plan on Thursday when I was traveling from NJ to PA with the exception of Lunchtime.  I wasn't hungry for my salad I had prepared, and instead had lunch in my car on the drive home.  I picked up a shredded chicken sandwich on multigrain bread.  I also had a couple healthy snacks along the way,  my roasted chickpeas and carrots.  When we made it to PA and my parents house I managed to still have my planned pre-made clean dinner.  I did however have a sliver of the lasagna my mom made to try, but just a taste.  I also had one glass of wine.  I'd give myself a 4/4.5 out of 5 for that day (points knocked for lasagna and wine)!

Friday- Family time
I did great with my meal plan and stuck to it most of the day.  I had an unplanned lunch at a local restaurant "The Grotto" but ordered their steak salad with blue cheese crumbles, red onions and their balsamic vin.  It was actually very delicious and they used Filet Mignon on it.  I was quite pleasantly surprised!  I did have a glass of red wine poured for me that night but I took about 3 sips from it and gave it away.  We watched a movie as a family and during it for a snack I had some more of my roasted chickpeas and a very little bit of mostly plain popcorn, which being plain didn't really do it for me!

Saturday - Wedding Day!
This is kind of where all hell broke loose, however I had planned this evening for my weekly cheat meal so I'm not going to beat myself up too much!  Got my morning workout in, as I had managed to do all week and ended up rushing around getting ready for the wedding.  Shout out to Liz at Simple Indulgence Day Spa in Belle Vernon for the AMAZING job she did on my hair!  Highly recommend her if you are in the area.

I stuck to my meal plan in the morning but managed to miss lunch and had a quick healthy snack instead.  I took one of my best friends to the wedding and let's just say we had an absolute ball!  Shout out to Ryan and Brit for allowing us to be a part of your special day.  It was extremely special and truly the most fun I've had in a while.

At the wedding I limited myself at cocktail hour, managing to stick to mostly veggies and a little bit of ranch dressing (maybe a mini crab cake or 2) and one glass of white wine.  At dinner I ate everything that was served.  The small bowl of soup, small salad, I had ordered the beef dinner and wedding cake for desert.  I also had a few glasses of red wine but tried to keep up my water intake too.  Nothing about that evening was necessarily "clean". Maybe give myself a 3 for that day.  If it wasn't my cheat meal day I'd lower that score!  I did dance my tush off though so another shout out for the DJ!- (CAL WHO, CAL U!- haha!)

Sunday - Strip District and Baseball Game
So, getting in at 2:30am from a wedding and having to get up at 7:30 the next morning was not something I was particularly thrilled about, but I got my tired butt out of bed and managed to get ready for the day.  I had my Shakeology for breakfast in the car as usual and some results and recovery formula to help with the effects of the night before.  After walking around for a while we ended up at the famous Pamela's for brunch and at this point I was very hungry again.  I ordered their Tex Mex Omelet with egg whites and feta cheese (instead of cheddar).  This omelet comes with chorizo, salsa, guac and sour cream on it.  Again not the cleanest meal but to-die-for and I had heard wonderful things about this restaurant.  I skipped on the bread that came with it but I did eat the potatoes and had a cup of tea.  Tea cures everything in my opinion!


Next came the baseball game.  Firstly, go Bucco's!! They won and are making us very proud!  At the game I had nothing but water, which given the heat that day was absolutely necessary and was proud that I passed up the copious amounts of junk food and beer available, that while I may have been craving I knew I didn't really want or need.  Afterwards we had to make a quick stop at my Mum's friends get-together.  It was definitely getting late and I was starving.  Given my lack of sleep from the night before and hurry to leave in the morning I had left my healthy snacks at home and managed to restrict myself at this get-together to a couple of pieces of hot sausage.  Once home I had my healthy dinner as planned.  Definitely giving myself a 3 out of 5 for that day.

So that's the honest truth.  Areas I give myself credit for are water intake, getting my workouts in, trying to avoid junkfood and pre-planning for my cheat meal.  Areas I could have improved on, probably one less glass of wine at the wedding, and did I REALLY need that sliver of lasagna mum made?  Also better planning to bring healthy snacks with me when we are out and about.  My main thing with eating clean though is it's not going to be an absolute 100% of the time thing for me.  I want to live a healthier lifestyle and while I respect and admire Tosca Reno I'm not going that extreme.  I'm going to enjoy other foods in my life that are not clean, I'm going to enjoy events in my life that may not allow me to eat clean, but I'm not going to let that derail the times I can control what I'm cooking for myself and eating.  I'm going to do my best to plan for these events so I can try to stay on track most of the time.  It's not going to derail my workouts and I'm going to stick to this as a lifestyle, trying to make smarter choices each day.  I'm not perfect, no one is, but I'm trying and that's all we can do.  I learned a lot about myself through this process this weekend, and hope it will help me to prepare and deal with similar situations in the future.

Monday- Beginning of Month 2 of Insanity and Birthday Celebrations

Tonight we are having an early birthday celebration for my mum and I as I won't be here when it's her birthday on the 7th and mine on the 12th.  We are going to Red lobster and I've already mapped out how I can clean this meal up, ordering seafood, staying clear of the cheesy muffin things and a healthy dressing on my salad!  I've also stuck to my meal plan so far today to a T.  I am however going to indulge in a piece of cake when we get home and may have 1 Bahama Mama while I'm at dinner to celebrate.  Undecided on that one but I'll see when I get there, they are the best Bahama Mama's around that's for sure!  The rest of this week, I have no excuses not to clean it right back up again, so my cheat meal is happening early this week.   I did manage to do my fit test today and day one of month 2 of Insanity's Max Interval Circuit workout back-to-back.  An hour and a half workout and over 860 calories later I was wrecked but OHHHH so proud of myself!  I am really looking forward to seeing myself improve on this workout as it certainly challenged me today.  Check out my improved results from the last fit test I did 2 weeks ago.  Proud woman right here!

Switch Kicks: 118 (+19)
Power squats: 47 (+9)
Power Knees: 86 (+6)
Power Jumps: 39 (+19!!!)
Box Jumps: 8 (+1)
Suicide Jumps: 15 (same)
Push Up Jacks: 22 (+8)
Low-Plank Obliques: 53 (+11)

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