After Insanity- My next steps with Body Beast and T25

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Insanity is done and I've submitted my request for my official Insanity T-shirt.  I actually cannot WAIT to get it and start flaunting it around!  I DID INSANITY!  WOOHOO.  I am so insanely proud and I hope any of you out there who are considering it will take a chance and give it a shot.  You might surprise yourself.

But what's next for me?  Just because I've finished doesn't mean I'm stopping!  It's onwards and upwards until I reach my final goals.  This is a step by step process and a lifestyle change and I'm really enjoying how it's affecting all aspects of my life.

Once I got over my fear of weights I found that I TRULY enjoy weight training (thanks Rick!!), even more so than I do cardio so I was really excited to find out that Body Beast went on sale last month.  I hoped on and scooped it up along with Shaun T's new 25 minutes a day, high intensity cardio workout to supplement it.  Body Beast is a fantastic at home weight training program that's great for those who have some previous weight training experience or are comfortable using weights, have the equipment at home or are willing to get it. 

I have created a hybrid of the 2 programs using Body Beasts "Lean" program and substituting T25 for the cardio days.  I've also added in T25 stretch each week to help stretch out my worked muscles!

Meal Plan

My meal plan for this workout will be changing slightly too.  The first 2 phases call for a much larger increase in calories than I've been consuming while I went through insanity to help build some muscle.  The last phase calls for a large cut in calories to help lean me out so I can see all that wonderful muscle I worked hard for!

I started this program this past Wednesday and usually try to do my meal plans at the weekend so here's what I have coming up for next week.  Supplement wise I am still using my Energy & Endurance formula pre-workout.  I previously was just using 1 scoop of Results and Recovery after Insanity workouts but I'm increasing this to the recommended serving size of 2 scoops combined with 2 scoops of creatine.

Some of these recipes are actually new to me so I will be posting them as I test and try them this week!  Stay tuned!

For my Shakeology I have my favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Shakeology recipe I use but also a new Fall Pumpkin Frappacino Shakeology recipe for all you pumpkin and coffee lovers!

So enjoy, stay tuned for progress updates and I hope you'll enjoy following me on this next stage in my fitness journey.  I have a vacation at the end of December that I intend to look FABULOUS on!

What is your Inspiration?

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