My Insanity Transformation

Friday, September 6, 2013

Let me preface this post by IMMEDIATELY giving a HUGE thank you to my wonderful coach Melanie and the challengers in my support group.  Without them I don't know that I would have stuck so adamantly to this program and achieved the results I did.

Starting Insanity was such a daunting prospect for me.  I mean, come on, how many of you HAVEN'T seen the infomercials?  They are more than a little intimidating or as Shaun T himself would say "THAT SH*T WAS BANANAS YO!"

In case you haven't seen that Informercial, allow me to enlighten you!

I NEVER thought I'd have the ability to be able to complete this program, but the more research I did, the more I started to consider it.  I had been working out for a couple of years (albeit inconsistently!) but more recently doing cardio kickboxing so I thought I was in somewhat decent shape.  After doing some research on Insanity I saw a lot of people online who seemed to be in worse shape than me had been able to complete it.  Well...that just fuels my fire.  I can't help but think "If they can do it, so can I!" and darn it I was right!

Month 1

My first day with Insanity was an absolute eye opener.  Not only had I NOT worked out for a few months due to a busy work schedule but my eating had been horrendous too.  I'd gained some weight back and felt sluggish and uncomfortable.  It ALL came out in that first workout, that first week in fact.  Shaun T kicked my slow butt!  What I learned from that first week though was that as long as I pushed play and could finish the workout knowing I gave it my best shot, that was enough to make me proud and that pride stays with you for a long time!

I also found out that apparently I am a morning workout person, well, for the most part!  I haven't been a morning person for 15 years!  I haven't enjoyed exercise for about as long either!  So this was quite a revelation for me.  Now I'm not saying I get up EVERY morning to workout, but the days that I managed to get my workout in before I left to go to the office I felt absolutely amazing knowing it was out of the way and I had the rest of my day to myself to enjoy.  Especially on those mornings when I literally had to drag myself up.  I'd mix myself a little Energy & Endurance formula and drink it up while I let the dog out.  I'd then get on the computer for a little bit and try to find something to inspire me that morning while the E&E kicked in, and it seriously helped!!!  After my workout I'd mix up my yummy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Shakeology drink and have it in the car on the way to work (no skipping breakfast for this girl!)

Slowly I started to notice some changes, at first not so much in the mirror but more-so  how I was feeling.  I noticed a dramatic improvement in my overall mood, even just sitting at my desk at work, I was just....happier.  My digestion issues had improved, my pants were stating to feel a bit loser and tops were starting to look a little more slimming on me.  After month one I didn't expect to see a huge change, but what I did see blew me away!  I couldn't have been happier and looked forward even more so to month 2, even knowing how hard it would be!

I could tell my stomach was getting flatter and I was starting to see some definition in my shoulders when I flexed (and maybe my behind was looking a little perkier too!!).  Most of all I could tell I was getting stronger and I was really enjoying the process. 

Month 2

Month 2 was definitely another eye opener.  Just when you think things can't get any harder, Shaun T finds a way to push you harder and longer.   Was I able to do everything he asked throughout the 2 months of Insanity, absolutely not, but you know what?  I tried.  Over and over again I tried to do things I struggled with, and if I still couldn't do them I did something else in place.  If I couldn't do the side push ups after trying a couple of times I did some regular ones instead (I didn't want to injure myself with incorrect form on some of the more challenging positions he puts you in!).  I always felt proud after I had completed a workout, even on the days when my energy was a little lower or I just didn't feel like doing it and maybe didn't give my all.  We all have those days, but I still made the effort and tried, and the results I achieved to go along with it have made me so happy.  Check it out for yourself!  I lost over 16 inches from Insanity and close to 10lbs.

Right Arm: -1"
Left Arm: -1"
Waist (smallest part): -2"
Waist (across my bellybutton/stomach): - 4.5"
Hips: -1.75"
Right Leg: -2"
Left leg: 1.75"
Right calf: -1"
Left calf: -1.25"

Total: -16.25"



It's amazing how much I previously craved Chinese and junk food every night and everyday looked forward to coming home to a glass of red wine (or 3) to unwind.  As much as I still enjoy those things, I don't need them anywhere near as often anymore.  The healthier I eat the more I crave it.  I enjoy how good food makes my body feel.  I sincerely think Shakeology has made a huge impact in my daily mood, and it's wonderful to know that I'm drinking something everyday that not only tastes delicious but is so nutritious for my body.

Insanity has been an amazing experience for me and I'm so glad that 2 months ago I made the committment to press play and take control of my health and my happiness.  Where would I be now if I hadn't?  Probably the same place I was 2 months ago, unhappy, 10lbs and 16 inches (or more) heavier and probably heading home to a couple of bottles of cider or half a bottle of red wine and some take out food.  Tonight, I'm making my own chinese, my healthy Sweet and Sour Pork with brown rice.   It is DIVINE!  I'm saving my red wine for Saturday night and a night out in NYC!  Life is about balance and having fun.

I took a couple of days off after Insanity to give my body a break and enjoy some time over the Labor Day weekend with my family. Wednesday I started my new program, a hybrid of Body Beast and T25. 

I'll post my 3 month plan for that this weekend but I'm excited to get back into some weight training and loving even more that I can do it at home!  Stay tuned for progress and updates on this next venture!

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