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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I had a great last minute opportunity this month to take a week long vacation back to Northern Ireland to visit my friends and family in Belfast.  Words can honestly not explain how amazing this trip was and how incredibly excited I was to be able to take it.  I've been living in the United States now for a little over 8 years and as much as I love it over here, it's never, ever going to be easy going home to visit and then having to say goodbye to my friends and family not knowing the next time I'll see them, but I'm forever grateful for every opportunity I have to visit!

Traveling can be difficult for someone who lives a healthy lifestyle to deal with.  My life is about balance though.  I've paid many dues to get to where I'm at now, and although I'm still not at my goal and it's a work in progress I fully intend to enjoy life along the way!  It was SO fantastic to be able to go home and enjoy many of the foods I had missed entirely guilt free.  Will they set me back in my goals- a little but this trip absolutely did not derail me!

My plan= Preparation, Preparation, Preparation


Knowing what to expect on this trip I made plans before I traveled to make sure that I could make as many healthy decisions as possible beginning with the flight over.  Nobody likes airplane food, so in preparation I made sure I had my blender bottle with a packet of shakeology stuffed into my carryon luggage along with some healthy cocoa almonds to snack on should I feel peckish!!

My flight also happened to be an overnight flight but there was no mention of breakfast being served, only dinner.  I also knew that by the time the flight landed, I got my luggage and got on the road it would be close to lunchtime, so I packed a paper bowl and a baggie with oatmeal, flaxseed, craisins and some light maple syrup.  To my surprise they did serve breakfast on the plane, but I slept through it so I've no idea what it was and of course when I woke I was starving!  Thankfully, I came prepared!  Little hot water and I was sorted!

When I go home, much of my time is spent running around catching up with people I haven't seen in a long time, my days start early (most of the time) and run late, and trust me that requires energy!  I knew that many of my meals would be eating out and I wasn't being strict with myself on this trip but I made SURE I had a healthy meal each day drinking my Shakeology.  In preparation I purchased a box of the individual serving packets for easy traveling and lucked out that all of my friends and relatives have blenders, but just in case, I had my blender bottle with me!  My aunt went shopping the night before my arrival and picked up some semi-skimmed milk (that would be fat-free to my American friends!) and some all natural peanut butter.

I also made sure I had little packets of cocoa almonds handy and had chopped up some carrot sticks when I got to my aunts house which I threw in a baggie to take with me on the go.


Right now I've been doing a combination of Body Beast weight training and adding in T25 for cardio.  Obviously traveling makes it difficult to continue to weight train but I did have my laptop with me and decided to bring T25 for cardio.  It's quick, I knew my time would be limited but 25 minutes is not hard to fit in.  Most of the time it simply require being dedicated and committed to your goals and making it happen.

I also made sure to play the role of tourist much better on this vacation and see many of the things I didn't take advantage of when I lived in the area so plenty of walking took place on this trip!

This trip was not only amazing for me to be able to go home and see friends and family, but it also taught me how important it is for me to be able to continue to maintain my life of balance and take care of myself.  I have never felt better on vacation before.  I'm proud of what I've achieved so far and how my pictures from this trip looked, but not only that I'm proud that I have come far enough to make smart decisions when it comes to taking care of myself without sacrificing having a great time!  Was plenty of wine flowing?  Absolutely!  Did I enjoy food that wasn't clean?  Heck yes!  Has it stopped me from working towards my goals? Not a chance!  I'm back home now and back on track.

Next step- 3 day Shakeology cleanse to help clean the slate and get me back on track!


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