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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Thank you for taking the time to check out my new, improved, sprinkled with a little sparkle blog! I am so excited to be back in action and ready to share my health and fitness journey with you all.

2013 - Insanity Round 1

My introduction to Beachbody came back in the Summer of 2013 when I decided to give Insanity a shot. Up to that point my weight had fluctuated. I gained weight in college and had a hard time getting it off until I received the help of a personal trainer in 2011. For 3 months leading up to my family’s annual NYE vacation to the Dominican Republic he whipped my butt into shape and I had never looked or felt better. Unfortunately keeping up with a personal trainer costs too much moolah $$$ and after a while, being left to my own devices, the weight crept back on again. I needed something new.

I think every one of us at some point has seen the Insanity infomercials on TV and if you haven’t you’re bound to have seen something online about it. I decided this was the challenge for me….but boy was I scared! After some research online I joined a challenge group through my coach Melanie. This woman seriously changed my life! For 9 weeks I worked my way through Insanity, I drank Shakeology and I participated daily in this private online group entirely through Facebook, cheering others on in their own journey, venting frustrations through mine, asking question, seeking help, encouraging, motivating and celebrating milestones with other like-minded individuals who had their own health and fitness goals. I LOVED it. I have no doubt I would have struggled to stick with this program without the help a challenge group provided. I lost almost 10lb and over 16inches during that first round. You can read more about my first experience in a challenge group and my results with Insanity here.

When Melanie approached me about becoming a coach myself, sharing what I had been through, how I had success achieving my goals and helping others to do the same, I knew I wanted a part in it. So I began my coaching business. I started my blog, got my Facebook page up and running and for many months things were going well. It truly is a special feeling to be a part of someone’s journey to bettering themselves whatever that looks like to them. I was juggling this business with a full time job, but other stresses and changes in my life were creeping in. I could write a novel explaining why I didn’t keep up with coaching, but ultimately what it comes down to is I wasn’t ready and it wasn't the right time for me.

Fast forward a little over a year and a half, with my blog on hold and my coaching Facebook page taken down I had fallen into old habits. As a credit to myself working out had become a part of my life and it was something I am proud to say I kept up with consistently. I did at home workout programs, I worked with a remote personal trainer who created workouts for me at home, and again for 3 months leading up to our annual NYE vacation I worked out rigorously. I went to morning and evening spin classes, body pump classes and sought out new ways to challenge myself. Running has always been a struggle for me so I started a Couch to 5k program and completed not only my first but my second 5k’s in the same weekend back to back. I always seemed to be able to motivate myself to work out so I could not seem to understand why I was not getting the results I wanted. Throughout this entire time I consistently drank Shakeology every day, I simply love it and I am a huge believer in its health benefit.

2015 - Insanity round 2

Food is something I love. I mean I LOVE FOOD! Can you hear me shouting that from the rooftops. “I LOVE FOOD!!!”…..I think you get the picture that I think food is pretty awesome. Over the years I have spent COUNTLESS hours researching clean eating recipes, trying to figure out how to make some of my favorite recipes less calorific without compromising flavor. I cook A LOT. I try out new recipes all the time. Some successful, some not so much! But hey, it’s all trial and error. So it was pretty easy to convince myself that for the most part I was eating healthy….and truth be told I probably was but what I hadn't grasped was portion sizes. I indulged here and there. Sometimes more than I should, other times not, but I told myself that I was a healthy person. I worked out often enough, I tried to watch what I would eat. I didn’t feel like I indulged enough to gain weight…but apparently I was. So, when all else fails, go back to what has worked before. For me that was Insanity. Except this time I knew what I was in for! I also knew, realistically, that I could use some extra help.


I reached back out to my coach Melanie who I had lost touch with during my “hiatus” from my own coaching and asked her if she could help me and if she had any challenge groups starting soon. Thankfully she welcomed me back with open arms! I was already 1 week into Insanity but I started in her 6 week Summer Survival Group at the end of June and fell in love with this process all over again.

This is something that I had missed. Why had I stopped? I started asking myself a lot of questions and it was hard not to reflect back on the “What If’s”:.
  • What if I had stuck with Beachbody challenge groups a year and a half previously? 
  • What shape would I be in now? 
  • What if I had persisted with my coaching? 
  • How many others could I have helped? 
  • What knowledge would I have gained at this point? 
  • Where could coaching have taken me and others? 

We all live with regret, but I’ve decided to put this regret behind me and move forward.

  No more “what if’s”, this time it’s what will be!

I wasn’t ready to stick with coaching when I first gave it a shot, but DAMN I’m ready now! If there is one thing I have learned over the last year and a half….well longer than that actually, it’s that Beachbody is for real. It’s easy to hop on websites and social media sites and see many people bash this industry, but they just don’t get it. There are many, many ways out there to get fit, healthy, lose weight, gain muscle, prepare for fitness competitions or simply get a control of your health so you don’t end up in an early grave. I’m not on here to preach that Beachbody is the only way, but Beachbody is what has worked for me and hundred’s of thousands of other people. I’m here to share my journey, my experiences, my tips and advice and hopefully inspire others to take their first step to achieve their own goals.  Perhaps you’ve tried already, maybe many times, and need some motivation to try again. Believe me….our lives would be a lot less interesting if we didn’t make a few mistakes along the way. It’s how we learn.

I hope you’ll join me not only on my own journey through this crazy thing we call life, but I hope you’ll reach out to me for help if and when you feel ready to take your own leap of faith!

Next post coming up today….my Insanity Round 2 RESULTS!!!

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