What's next? My 21 Day Fix and Cize hybrid!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

 21 Day Fix and Cize Hybrid!

Last weekend I completed my 2nd round of Insanity where I also added in the 21 Day Fix meal plan into the 2nd month of my workouts, and many people wonder what's next?  I saw fantastic results but still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be and stopping now is not an option.

This past week I decided to switch things up and try a different workout each day to give myself variety, try some of the programs I've had but haven't had a chance to complete yet and go back to some old favorite workouts.  This is what my schedule looked like:

Tomorrow I begin my next round of the 21 Day Fix but this time I'll be doing a hybrid of the program with Shaun T's new dance program, Cize.  I will be subbing out 2 Fix Cardio workouts a week and adding in Cize workouts in their place.  For the next 21 days I'll be doing 30 minute workouts, 7 days a week (Sunday's are yoga) and tracking my results.

21 Day Fix and Cize Hybrid Schedule
21 Day Fix and Cize Hybrid Schedule

The week highlighted in pink is the optional doubles week that the 21 Day Fix offers.  I also like to occasionally take a lunchtime yoga class at work but leave those up to what my schedule looks like that day and how I'm feeling so they are optional.  To prepare for this first week I completed a meal plan on Friday, grocery shopped on Saturday and spent some time on Sunday preparing food for the week.  This is a great help to me as my evenings are busy and after a long day at work it's helpful to come home and be able to throw dinner together quickly!

Meal Plan Week 1, 21 Day Fix and Cize Hybrid
Meal Plan Week 1, 21 Day Fix and Cize Hybrid

Meal Prep Week 1, 21 Day Fix and Cize Hybrid

I'm excited to try out some new recipes from Autumn Calabrese's cookbook Fixate this week and kick butt with my first time experiencing the workouts from the 21 Day Fix program.  I hope you'll follow along with my progress through my blog or Facebook!

If you have an interest in trying out the 21 Day Fix program but could use some support, guidance and accountability, my next private online support group begins on Sept 7th.  Click here to complete my challenge group application form to tell me a little bit more about yourself, your goals and we can see if this would be a fit for you!

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