How to stay on track over 4th July weekend!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

How to stay on track during the holiday weekend.

It's time to celebrate America people!!

4th July weekend is upon us but what does that also mean for many?

Barbecue- Ribs, baked beans, sweet corn, burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad and drinks upon drinks upon drinks. Maybe a game of corn hole and some swimming too!

So where does that leave those of us trying to stay on track with our health and fitness goals?  How can we still participate in the fun, not feel deprived and not fall off track?

Here are my tips and tricks!

Plan Ahead!

Pick Your Cheat Meal

What events do you have coming up over the weekend? Pick one to be your cheat meal and ENJOY IT. Do not let guilt creep in. A cheat meal is good for the soul and your results now and then (about once a week).

Plan Some Healthy Meal Options

Watermelon and blueberry star spangled salad.If you're hosting people, add in healthy, tasty recipes that you and your guests can enjoy.  I'll share some at the bottom of this post, and include some lighter drink options too!  Pinterest is also a great place to find some!

If you're traveling, plan your meals and snacks in advance! If your hosts aren't aware of your goals, eat ahead of time and bring some healthy additions to the festivities and stick to those! Planning is key here. Without it you'll be more likely to give into temptations.

Get your workout in- NO EXCUSES

Squeeze that workout in first thing in the morning and you have no excuses not to get it in later.  Even better, if you're at a family event, get active with the kids and adults. Go swimming, play volleyball, set up a fun obstacle course, play with the pets! Get that heart rate going.

If you're traveling, bring your workout DVD's with you or you can access Beachbody on Demand and stream 1000's of Beachbody's workouts from your laptop, tablet or phone with an internet connection. BONUS with on Demand you can store up to 7 workouts on your device so you can access them without a wifi connection too! That's a weeks worth of workouts to choose from over a Holiday weekend!

Many of these workouts require no equipment so you don't need to bring anything with you.

Stay Hydrated

Don't let the summer heat dehydrate you! Oftentimes we confuse thirst for hunger and are tempted to over eat! Keep water handy always. Drink an extra large glass in the morning and with meals and sip periodically throughout the day.

Healthy drinks. Great beverage alternatives!

If plain water gets boring and you want to switch things up try La Croix sparkling water. It comes in a fantastic variety of flavors and is great for a fruity, zero cal, completely natural beverage.

Here are some great La Croix recipes to switch things up!

I've also recently discovered Aquafina sparkling water flavored with natural flavors and  Spindrift seltzer made with things like crushed berries. Both of these cans are 10-15 calories and SERIOUSLY delicious! I found all of these at Target.

Low Cal Cocktails

La Croiz, Aquafina and Spindrift also make great low calorie cocktails when mixed with vodka or rum, if you're feeling the temptation and looking for a lighter way to enjoy an alcoholic beverage this weekend!

La Croix Cocktail Recipes

4th. July Cocktails.



Peanut Butter & Banana Berry Toast
Cashew and Oat Hotcakes

Clean eating cashew and oat hotcakes

Party Dishes & BBQ Food

Star Spangled Fruit Salad
Watermelon & Blueberry Sparklers
Turkey Burgers
Lime honey glazed chicken
Pulled Pork 
Pulled Pork Option 2
Summer chicken taco's

Clean Eating Turkey Burgers

Healthy Side options

Grilled roasted root veggies
Mini corn on the cob
Tomato & Goat Cheese salad


Berryworks Shakeology
Baked Chicken Strips
Healthy Travel Snacks


Shakeology fudgsicles
No Bake Shakeology balls (Tastes like a ferrero rocher!)
Red White & Blueberry Parfait

Clean Eating Parfait

Enjoy your holiday weekend! Stay safe!

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