How Beachbody's Coach Summit has Changed my Life.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sometimes the emotions are just so strong, that the right words are hard to find.

Let me tell you why the picture above means SO much to me, and let me try to do it without crying.

Last year I sat behind a computer and I felt an ache in my heart. Life was good, I am by no means living a difficult life. I have been blessed with a great family and incredible friends.

But something wasn't right.
Something was missing.

Last year I sat behind my computer and watched someone I had admired and followed for 2 years be celebrated for an incredible achievement....becoming the TOP coach in Beachbody and bringing her team of amazing coaches with her as the #1 team in the company.

I felt such a hole in my heart for having tried coaching and given it up in 2013. I let fears get the better of me. I let stress in other areas of my life get the better of me and I let go of my dreams.

Last year I knew this team and this company was something I truly wanted to be a part of. Not only had Beachbody made a SIGNIFICANT difference in my life with my health and fitness goals, helping me lose weight AT HOME with Insanity and the 21 Day Fix, but it had given me something so much more than that:

Fast forward a year to this past Saturday night, and I literally had to pinch myself backstage as I braced myself to walk out to surprise and celebrate Melanie Mitro for becoming the Top Coach in Beachbody for a 2ND YEAR running. Except this time I was THERE!

I got to experience this first hand, in person. I got to hear the music, feel the excitement, stand beside Beachbody's top executives, surrounded by Diamond coaches (myself included) who are ROCKING their at home health and fitness businesses and congratulation my coach for all she has accomplished!
I didn't start out with a background in health and fitness.....but what I started with was experience. 
  • Experience feeling uncomfortable in my own skin 
  • Experience having NO idea what direction my life would be going in and no hope for a career I would truly love 
  • Experience wishing, wanting, yearning for something more, something better 
Along the way I've GAINED experience in learning how to eat clean, lose weight, flex my willpower muscles, learn discipline, learn how to FUEL my body for what it needs and achieve an almost 20lb weight loss.

I GAINED experience in how to help others do the same, starting and maintaining a successful online health and fitness coaching business and share with others this opportunity to do the same....from the comfort of our own HOMES!
A year ago....I didn't know if I could do this......but I knew I wanted to and so I jumped in with both feet, into the dark, into the unknown and I just went for it.

Taking my dreams into my own hands:

It's Shaun T y'all! 
  • Got me on stage, in front of 25,000 beachbody coaches, beside the #1 coach in the company, celebrating her achievements and the accomplishments of our team. 
  • Gave me the chance to work out with 2 of my FAVORITE celebrity Beachbody Trainers, Shaun T (creator of Insanity and Cize) and Autumn Calabrese (creator of the 21 Day Fix program and co-creator of The Master's Hammer & Chisel). 
  • Gave me the chance to meet top coaches from all over the country and Canada too! 
  • Allowed me to make amazing new friends 
  • Provided me with the opportunity to hear from some world renowned speakers such as Gary Vanderchuk and Maysoon Zaid (both of which if you haven't heard of them you NEED to look them up...they are INCREDIBLE! 

Autumn Calabrese during our Master's Hammer and Chisel Workout 

An AMAZING group of coaches I had the honor to meet at our LIVE workout with Autumn Calabrese 

Pure excitement you guys! Rocking out during our workout! 
THAT is why ALL of these pictures mean so much to me and I literally can't look at them without tearing up.

Remember 3 simple rules guys:

  1. If you do not go after what you want, you'll never have it. 
  2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no. 
  3. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place. 

If becoming a coach is something that has ever crossed YOUR mind, but you're not sure whether it's right for you or where to start, reach out and let's talk. I'm happy to share my story with you, how my life has changed in the last year, how I got started and to where I am today with my coaching business!

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