Post vacation 3 Day Refresh!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This is my "I don't know where to look" face 😂

Northern Ireland
Sunday night I returned from a very indulgent 10 day trip to Northern Ireland.☘☘☘

As an online health and fitness coach it always seems to surprise people that I don't live my life completely obsessed with fitness and nutrition or denying myself simple pleasures we all like to enjoy every day.

Guys, when I go on vacation, I GO ON VACATION! I take a vacation from my routine, I enjoy things I don't get the opportunity to enjoy regularly, and I focus on spending time with close friends and family and taking in the local culture.

I don't go on vacation worrying about where I'm going to get a workout in...though I can tell you my feet took a pounding on this trip with all the sightseeing we did.

I don't go on vacation worrying about what the healthiest thing on the menu for dinner is. I enjoy the experience.

I know that when I get home, I'll get right back on track as fast as I can and that starts TODAY for me.

I am 100% all in for another round of the 3 day refresh, something that has worked wonders for me in helping me lose holiday bloat and water weight and prime my body to jump into a new program. I absolutely indulged on my Ireland vacation and loved every minute of it, but I'm ready to get back to my healthy roots.

So for the next 3 days I will be drinking 3 daily shakes, a fiber drink, plenty of filtered water, plus eating a wide array of fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats to keep my energy and metabolism going.

I've lost anywhere between 3-9lb on the 3 day refresh, but the scale isn't what matters here, it's how it makes me feel. I ALWAYS feel healthier, better in my clothes and MUCH less bloated by the end. Sometimes it's on the last day I get the best results, sometimes it's 1 or 2 days after I've finished it. Everyone is different. Each experience with this refresh is slightly different for me.

I'm excited to share my progress each day with you and tracking/documenting my journey through here and SnapChat (Follow me @JulianeRussell)

My goals:

Lose 3-5lb
Lose 3" of bloat from my stomach
Better energy

After that, I'm jumping into the Master's Hammer & Chisel program!

If you're interested in joining me in my next challenge to get your fitness journey going, email me and I'll send you some details!

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