Get Paid to Get Fit? New Year Challenge Group!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Year New You- Be In It To Win It Challenge

How many years have gone by that you've made a resolution to get in healthier....take better care of yourself? How many years have you actually followed through? Are you someone who has repeatedly fallen off track?


Do YOU have a plan for after the holidays?

It's time to start thinking about your New Year and I would LOVE to invite you to join me in an exciting opportunity.

I am teaming up with 3 AMAZING coaches to bring you one heck of a support group in January! My goal for this group and helping YOU is to:

  • Make sure you are matched up with a fitness program that meets YOUR needs. 
  • Have you replace 1 of your meals a day with Shakeology (of your 4-6 meals you should be eating)
  • Teach you how to meal plan and prep each week
  • Teach you how to make healthier swaps for some of your favorite foods 
  • Create a fun, positive, energetic environment where we can celebrate your successes and work through challenges
  • Give you a chance to make new friends who give you support to make this a lasting lifestyle change and who YOU in turn can support as well
  • Provide daily tips, recipes, motivation and above all ACCOUNTABILITY so you have the best chance at success with your goals.
Does that sound like something that might help you? Make sure you contact me BEFORE January 2nd to get access to this challenge.
Feeling better at 30 than I did at 21
thanks to Beachbody programs and Shakeology

This year we are giving you all the tools and motivation you need to crush your 2017 resolutions, and what's even better, you have 2 opportunities to win CASH for participating in our 4 week online support group!

Opportunity 1:
Beachbody's Health Bet is BACK and this year they've upped the ante! Beachbody is putting up a $2 million pot in January for everyone participating in their health bet challenge. For each challenge pack sold before Dec 31st another $5 will go into this pot UP TO $3 Million. How do you win a slice of that pie? All you have to do is join my challenge group, I will give you access to the My Challenge Tracker App and for 4 weeks...ONLY 4 weeks you log a minimum of 3 workouts and 5 Shakeology shakes a week. Everyone who participates will win an equal share from that pot.


Opportunity 2:
If that first opportunity wasn't enough, myself and the 3 coaches running our January challenge will be creating our OWN pot of money, JUST for you guys! For every challenger who joins with a Beachbody challenge pack, I will put in $10 on your behalf into the pot. For every one of my existing challengers currently on Shakeology HD, I will put $5 into the pot on your behalf.

We will have 2 winners at the end of this challenge who will split the pot 60/40 OR 50/50 if there is a tie. To win, you have to actively participate in the group. This is NOT a results based competition though we hope it encourages you to keep yourself accountable. Points will be assigned throughout the challenge for actively participating on a daily basis in this challenge and we'll determine the winner based on the highest points winner at the end!

**Additional prize opportunities throughout as well!

Complete the application below to be considered for a spot! 
Fill out my online form.
The easy to use Wufoo form builder helps you make forms easy, fast, and fun.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Blue Cheese and Pecans

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Don't you just LOVE a healthy meal that you can prep ENTIRELY in the oven?

That was dinner last night for me!  Tasty roast chicken, honey balsamic brussels sprouts and this AMAZING butternut squash with blue cheese and pecans.

Butternut squash and blue cheese?? Might sound odd.....but seriously, I cannot get enough of this combo you guys! It is mouth wateringly good! (I think I just made that word up).

Anyway, super easy, and if you don't have much time to fuss with a butternut squash (like me) I picked up some bags of frozen cubed butternut squash in the organic frozen department at giant eagle.  Depending on your grocery store you may have fresh cubed butternut squash if you're lucky!

Serves 4


1 medium sized butternut squash (approx 2-2.5lb) or a couple of bags of frozen butternut squash cubes around the same amount
1 Tbsp EVOO
EVOO Spray or extra EVOO to brush baking sheet
1-2 tsps fresh rosemary (a little less if using dried)
1/2 cup pecans, chopped
1/3 cup blue cheese crumbles (alternatives that would be good include goat cheese, gorgonzola, feta)
Salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat oven to 400F/200C. Cut ends of butternut squash, then cut in half, Peel the outside layers and remove seeds.  Chop into approx 1 inch pieces and try to keep all fairly close in size for even cooking.
  • Finely chop rosemary leaves (if using fresh)
  • Toss butternut squash (fresh or frozen) in olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper. Line a baking sheet with aluminum and spray with EVOO (or brush with extra oil).
  • Spread butternut squash evenly and roast for about 40-50 minutes, tossing half way through until lightly browned (if using frozen butternut squash you may want to give this a bit longer but check periodically to ensure they don't burn).
  • Add chopped pecans for last 15 mins.
  • Sprinkle butternut squash with blue cheese and serve.

Beachbody portion containers (21 day fix, 22 minute hard corps, Hammer and Chisel, Core De Force) = 1 green, 1 blue, 1 tsp

Christmas Cocktails & Cardio Free 7 Day Challenge!

Ladies, it's HOLIDAY TIME and in the spirit of Christmas, why not give yourself the gift of health this year!

My FREE 7 day Cocktails & Cardio Challenge is just around the corner!

-> Would you enjoy some holiday tips and clean cocktails to help you make better choices this month?
--> Do you want to get a jump start on those new years resolutions and start some NEW healthy habits to help you feel great in your NYE dress??
->  Are you looking for a little extra challenge to supplement your current workouts??
->  Maybe you just want some clean recipes?
->  How about some bonus participation prize opportunities for added incentive to reach your goals!

If you said "yes" to any of the above, then this FREE 7 day challenge is a good fit for you!

Join me for a free month of Beachbody on Demand! You get 30 days FREE access to thousands of workouts, clean eating cooking show, nutrition programs, meal plan generator and more.

I will spend 7 days showing you how you can utilize this tool to get some great results! I will put together a dynamic workout plan for the 7 days we'll be using this together - all workouts 30 minutes or less with no equipment required! I'm here every step of the way to help you complete the challenge and achieve your goals! They will be cardio based but if you're looking for something more dynamic for variety let me know and I can help you figure out a plan for you utilizing the free workouts available.

Then you can use the rest of your trial to do any of the workouts that tickle your fancy or simply cancel your trial before the 30 days up if you no longer wish to continue with it :)

How to join this challenge:

-> STEP 1 is to "like" my page - Juliane Russell Fitness so that you can be guaranteed to see all posts and updates from me. You can access my page by following this link:

(Don't forget under "Following" to click "See First" so you're guaranteed to get my daily tips!

-> STEP 2- send me a PM on Facebook to be set up with your access to Beachbody On Demand's free trial (please note if you've previously had a free trial, you can only get access to this once with the same account).

->  STEP 2 is to join the Facebook event at  invite your friends to this event, too! The more the merrier (ladies only, please!)

Once these steps are complete I will add you to the private group where this challenge will be taking place.

Here's how this challenge will work:

Every evening (beginning Sunday, December 11th) I will post which workout from Beachbody on Demand you'll be doing the following day! The reason I like to share this the night before is I know some of you prefer to workout in the morning or would like to get back into a morning routine. After you complete the workout, you'll ((COMMENT)) on the post to let me know you have done it. Tracking your progress this way is SO important.

Why would I want you to keep track of your progress?
1) Because I want you to succeed. I'm here to be your daily accountability partner!
2) There will be a prize awarded to the STAR challenger at the end! How do you become a star challenger? You post each day, share your progress and encourage others in the group. That's right...7 days of prize opportunities...and perhaps a few bonus prizes too!

We'll also be sharing our meals throughout the week to hold ourselves accountable for clean and healthy meals. I'll provide a sample meal plan for those who would appreciate that help, but you're not required to follow it in this challenge! Each day I'll share healthy recipes, holiday tips and clean cocktails (to be enjoyed in moderation of course!)

***PLEASE use caution when performing these workouts. If you meed modifications, let me know and I will help you out!***

I can't wait to get started!!! Are you ready?