Get Paid to Get Fit? New Year Challenge Group!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Year New You- Be In It To Win It Challenge

How many years have gone by that you've made a resolution to get in healthier....take better care of yourself? How many years have you actually followed through? Are you someone who has repeatedly fallen off track?


Do YOU have a plan for after the holidays?

It's time to start thinking about your New Year and I would LOVE to invite you to join me in an exciting opportunity.

I am teaming up with 3 AMAZING coaches to bring you one heck of a support group in January! My goal for this group and helping YOU is to:

  • Make sure you are matched up with a fitness program that meets YOUR needs. 
  • Have you replace 1 of your meals a day with Shakeology (of your 4-6 meals you should be eating)
  • Teach you how to meal plan and prep each week
  • Teach you how to make healthier swaps for some of your favorite foods 
  • Create a fun, positive, energetic environment where we can celebrate your successes and work through challenges
  • Give you a chance to make new friends who give you support to make this a lasting lifestyle change and who YOU in turn can support as well
  • Provide daily tips, recipes, motivation and above all ACCOUNTABILITY so you have the best chance at success with your goals.
Does that sound like something that might help you? Make sure you contact me BEFORE January 2nd to get access to this challenge.
Feeling better at 30 than I did at 21
thanks to Beachbody programs and Shakeology

This year we are giving you all the tools and motivation you need to crush your 2017 resolutions, and what's even better, you have 2 opportunities to win CASH for participating in our 4 week online support group!

Opportunity 1:
Beachbody's Health Bet is BACK and this year they've upped the ante! Beachbody is putting up a $2 million pot in January for everyone participating in their health bet challenge. For each challenge pack sold before Dec 31st another $5 will go into this pot UP TO $3 Million. How do you win a slice of that pie? All you have to do is join my challenge group, I will give you access to the My Challenge Tracker App and for 4 weeks...ONLY 4 weeks you log a minimum of 3 workouts and 5 Shakeology shakes a week. Everyone who participates will win an equal share from that pot.


Opportunity 2:
If that first opportunity wasn't enough, myself and the 3 coaches running our January challenge will be creating our OWN pot of money, JUST for you guys! For every challenger who joins with a Beachbody challenge pack, I will put in $10 on your behalf into the pot. For every one of my existing challengers currently on Shakeology HD, I will put $5 into the pot on your behalf.

We will have 2 winners at the end of this challenge who will split the pot 60/40 OR 50/50 if there is a tie. To win, you have to actively participate in the group. This is NOT a results based competition though we hope it encourages you to keep yourself accountable. Points will be assigned throughout the challenge for actively participating on a daily basis in this challenge and we'll determine the winner based on the highest points winner at the end!

**Additional prize opportunities throughout as well!

Complete the application below to be considered for a spot! 
Fill out my online form.
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