My Top 12 Beachbody on Demand 20 Minute or Less Workouts!

Monday, May 8, 2017

The biggest excuse I hear from people as to why they struggle to workout has to be "I don't have time". Well.....I call BS!!!!!

Guys let's be real here! We MAKE time for what's important and if you have a goal that's health and fitness related, WHATEVER that is to you- weight loss, weight gain, strength, tackling a health issue- if it isn't a priority you'll find excuses!

But, my goal as a coach is to help as many people find solutions to their health and fitness problems as possible. Personally I have fallen into the situation where I maybe didn't have enough time to get my scheduled workout in that day, but that doesn't mean there isn't always time for SOMETHING!

Beachbody continues to revolutionize the fitness industry by also striving to tackle the issue of time for people with busy schedules. But they go above and beyond that with Beachbody on Demand - essentially the "netflix" of fitness. If you're not familiar with Beachbody on Demand (BOD) this allows you to stream ALL of beachbody's workout programs....seriously....everything....from the beginning of beachbody, plus you get access to all the nutrition guides, bonus/deluxe workouts and their online cooking show, Fixate. For $99 a year, that's a damn steal if you ask me! Tell me what gym membership gives you that option?

Seriously, it's pretty amazing! AND you can download to your phone up to 7 workouts to stream offline, so if you know you'll be traveling somewhere without internet access, you're covered!

There are various search features to allow you to find a program that suits your need at the time, but I've compiled a list of my top 12 workouts that are 20 minutes or less for you all for those EXTRA busy days when you really need something quick that packs a punch!

Let me know if you try any!
  1. The Master’s Hammer & Chisel - The Master’s Cardio (20 min)
  2. The Master’s Hammer & Chisel Deluxe workout- 15 Min Glute Chisel (15 min)
  3. Autumn’s BOD exclusives- Full-Body Stability Ball Routine (14 min)
  4. The 20’s (Beachbody’s Reality TV show)- Most workouts from the trainers are 20 mins
  5. Insanity- Cardio Abs (20 min)
  6. Insanity- Fast & Furious (20 min)
  7. Turbofire- HIIT 15 (15 min)
  8. Turbofire- HIIT 20 (20 min)
  9. Turbofire - Low HIIT 20 (20 min)- Low impact but high intensity
  10. Tony Horton’s BOD exclusives- Burpee burnout (7 min)
  11. Insanity Max 30 Deluxe- Max Out: 15 (15 min)
  12. 3 Week Yoga Retreat - Take 10 routines (variety of 10 minute routines, great for stretching)

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