7 Day FREE Christmas Cocktails & Cardio Challenge!

Monday, December 4, 2017

You guys have been watching....now I'm inviting you to JOIN ME!

It's time for my annual FREE 7 Day Christmas Cocktails & Cardio Mini-Challenge starting Monday 11th December!

Let's face it....there is NEVER a right time to start a new routine, and I KNOW for most of us December is a month that's less than perfect. And that's OKAY!. We all want to enjoy the season.

But it doesn't mean you have to cave to EVERY temptation in front of you. Learning to pick and choose the occasions that are important to you is a part of finding balance. In my Christmas Cocktails and Cardoi 7 day challenge I hope to give you some tools to help you survive the holiday season, learn how to make some better choices (including cleaned up, lower calorie cocktail options!) and give you some GREAT 30 min or less workouts for the week to get your heart rate going and help burn off some of office those holiday party calories!

This is also a GREAT opportunity to sample my daily superfoods for the week without the obligation of committing to a full month, or a chance to try a new flavor or two with our awesome sampler pack!

So maybe you struggle with a sweet tooth this time of year, and need a healthier alternative to stop you shoving your face into chocolate chip cookies every 5 minutes.

Maybe your digestive system needs a little extra love at the moment.

Maybe you're bored with your routine or haven't started one and need some new ideas.

This group is a SUPER fun way to get all of that in one.

I have a shakeo sampler pack and a spot in the group with YOUR name on it! Simply complete the application below if you'd like to join me and try me out as your accountability partner, cheerleader and coach before we REALLY kick things off in the New Year!

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