On the 4th day of FitMAS, coach Julie gave to me....

Monday, December 4, 2017

My 12 Days of FitMAS special continues with Day 4 and a product I truly could not function without!

You guys see me share my magical unicorn juice (aka the most awesome pre-workout in the world) on the regular, but probably don't know that much about what makes it jus so awesome!

Not only is Energize and the entire Beachbody Performance Line of products endorsed by the North America Ironman Competition....but it's completely and entirely ALL NATURAL.

  • It gives me energy without the jitters.
  • Helps to clear my brain fog in the afternoon.
  • Gives me that little extra pep in my step I need to go from zero to 60 in my workouts and truly allows me to push harder and for longer.

Energize also contains key ingredients scientifically shown to buffer lactic acid buildup and delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue, improve performance, and help you push with maximum intensity. Check out some of the science behind it from the creator Dr. Nima Alamdari.

It is everything it's meant to be and more. And I haven't met a single person who has tried this and not loved it from the get go.

You can get it in a 30 tub serving or these awesome 10 packs of individual servings are great to keep in your purse or car (and also make pretty nice stocking stuffers!)

I've included links to both for your convenience!

30 Tub Serving: http://bit.ly/Energize30Tub

10 Pack individual packets: http://bit.ly/Energize10Pack

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