21 Day Fix

My first full round of the 21 Day Fix is done and I could not be more thrilled with my results from this program.  Before I jump into my results, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the 21 Day Fix I wanted to share with you a little bit about what this program is! If you want to get straight to my results, just scroll down!

What exactly IS the 21 Day Fix?

The 21 day fix is a revolutionary new program created by Autumn Calabrese. People can eat healthy foods, they can over-exercise and never achieve the bodies that they want.  Beachbody saw that this was something people were struggling with and worked with Autumn to create a program to help combat these issues. It is a rapid weight loss program in which she uses color coordinated containers to help individuals learn better portion control skills. By learning how to eat properly, how much to eat, how to space your meals out and how to snack right, Autumn is teaching real, everyday people like you and I how to get lasting results:

The 21 Day Fix incorporates 30 minute workouts, 7 days a week for 21 days. You can repeat as many rounds as you need to until you reach your ultimate goal.

Let's talk a little about the workouts!

First thing to keep in mind, every workout video has a great variety of people in it, men and women of different sizes and fitness levels. There is also a modifier in each video to help you alter any workouts that may be a bit more challenging. Any of the workouts that require weights can also be done with a resistance band and there is someone in each video to show you how to modify those too.

Total Body Cardio Fix
This is a full body cardio workout using combination moves and light weights.

Upper Fix
Full upper body workout, it focuses on the abs, shoulders, chest, back and arms. For this workout you need a set of light weights and heavy weights. Depending on the workout mine ranged from 5lb-10lb.

Lower Fix
Be prepared to work your booty, quads, hamstrings and calves. This workout focuses on variations of squats, lunges and includes calf raises and leg lifts to work that tush!

Pilates Fix
Undoubtedly one of my favorite workouts, pilates fix is a killer core and booty workout. Only thing you need is a mat.

Cardio Fix
This workout is 30 mins of straight cardio. It features workouts like cross jacks, high knees, skater jumps, mountain climbers and each workout is 1 minute long. It is broken up into 4 rounds, 2 exercises each set and each set is repeated twice. There are 20 second breaks in between each set.

Dirty 30
This workout also focuses on a variety of combo moves and includes light and heavy weights. Mine ranged from 5-12lb. Full body workout, every inch of you will feel this at the end. One of my favorites!

Yoga Fix
Basic yoga workout and great stretch to end the week.

10 Minute Fix for Abs
This is a killer ab workout!! 5 minutes of different ab workouts that last 30 seconds each and then you repeat that twice to make up the full 10 minutes. Mostly based on variations of crunches to target all areas of your abs, but man will you feel that burn! I love this workout.

Bonus workout- Plyo Fix
You get this workout exclusively when you order your program through a Beachbody Coach. A drill based workout that will have you dripping with sweat! A lot of jumping, your legs get a killer burn in this one!

What do you get:
21 day fix containers
21 Day Fix Containers

  • A nutrition plan with color coordinated containers that are broken down by your different food groups and what you need to be eating per day. The program helps you figure out how many containers you are allotted per day, and once they're gone you're done. The containers are different sizes to show you how much of each type of food you can eat.  If it fits in the container, you're good! It sounds complicated, but trust me, you get the hang of it pretty quickly and there are a lot of resources to help you.  Put your food into the containers and then pour them out on your plate so you visually get a sense of how the food you are eating should fill your plate and this will in turn help you when you're out eating at restaurants, on vacation at friends houses, when you don't have the containers handy and really teaches you how to visualize portion control which you can maintain for the rest of your life.
  • Fitness plan- Let's face it, we are all busy and the last thing on the majority of our lists is taking care of ourselves.  Many of us don't have hours on end to spend at the gym. These workouts are 30 minutes long. That's it. 30 minutes! I can find 30 minutes a day to focus on myself and my goals. 
  • A scheduled to follow, knowing that if you follow this schedule, do these workouts and follow the nutrition plan you are going to see results.  They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit...do you think there's a coincidence that this program is called the 21 day fix? 
  • 3 Day Fix plan- Have a special event coming up or simply want to see the best results you can from your first 21 days? Incorporate the 3 day fix into the last 3 days of your 21 day fix program or complete it 3 days before your special event to boost your results! You can also use the 3 day fix to help get you back on track after a weekend away or vacation where you may have overindulged.  6 meals a day spaced 2 hours apart, this is Autumn's personal program that she uses leading up to her fitness competitions. 
  • Me! Ask me about how you can get your hands on the 21 day fix and allow me to become your personal one-on-one coach.

You can have wine, you can have treats, you can have a slice of pizza.  Not all the time, it has to fit within your container's guidelines and it does take away a food group! BUT you have that option.  (Autumn also breaks down certain foods that physically won't fit into a container, like a slice of pizza, and explains in her guide what these would count as). You can go to the extreme and cut all this kind of food out to maximize your results, or you can have a little mix and have the best of both worlds. Talk to your Beachbody coach about any questions you have with the nutritional aspect of this program and they can help you out. If you don't have a coach and would like my help, sign up for a Free Team Beachbody account and then send me an email with your questions or to get started!

What are you waiting for? The next 21 days are going to pass anyway....where do you want to be at the end of them? 

To make things even easier, Autumn has recently come out with a brand new 21 Day Fix Cookbook full of amazing recipes and their container equivalents.  Check out her video on it or message me for more information:

My experience with the 21 Day Fix

I have spent years consistently working out and thinking I was eating healthy, only to be disappointed by my results. Many people think that if they workout everyday, or workout really intensely they can eat whatever they want and become really confused  about why they haven't been able to reach their goals. I was definitely one of these people. I would get fed up thinking I was putting in all this effort for nothing and quit, over and over again.  How many of you can relate my story? My problem was that I may have been eating healthy and working out consistently but I was still eating TOO MUCH. I was still cheating too often and convincing myself that it was okay.  It wasn't.

One of the biggest issues with people not being able to reach their health and fitness goals is a lack of portion control and self control.  Too often we find ourselves giving in to emotional eating and not thinking rationally. We eat when we're happy, we eat when we're sad, we eat when we're angry, we eat out of boredom, we eat simply because someone heated something up and it smells good. I am a culprit of giving in to my inner cookie monster in all of these situations and I desperately wanted to learn how to take control.

At the end of June, 2015 I decided to complete Insanity for my second time. I completed my first round in 2013. Quickly into the first month I realized I needed a little something extra. During the second month of Insanity I had a 4 day trip to Miami, a bridal shower, my Mum's birthday and my birthday coming up. I knew I was in trouble of completely jeopardizing my results if I didn't do something different. I decided to add in the 21 Day Fix meal plan and I tell you what, a little commitment and effort with this program will get you a LONG way!

My Results!

Once I completed Insanity  I took a week "off" before jumping into a full round of the 21 Day Fix workouts and meal plan. What I mean by that is, I was still working out everyday, but I did a variety of workouts just to switch things up and was more relaxed with my eating. I put on a little weight again that week, but knew it was mostly water weight. It came off quickly once I jumped right back into the 21 DF.

For this round of the 21 Day Fix I alternated out some of the cardio workouts and did Cize workouts instead. I had recently received that program and wanted to incorporate it into my schedule.  I also added in the optional doubles week during the last week where you can double up on your workouts, and I did the 3 day fix meal plan my last 3 days. Throughout Insanity and the 21 Day Fix I drank Shakeology EVERY day and I participated in challenge groups which were absolutely instrumental in helping me stay accountable, motivated and seeing the best results I could. For anyone's reference I am 5'10.

In 21 days following the 21 Day Fix I lost 8.5lbs and almost 9 inches

In 3 months I am down almost 18lbs, 5% body fat, and 16.5 inches

21 Day Fix results in women.

From the beginning of my journey I have gone from 162.4lb to 144.8lb. From 27.1% body fat to 22.6%. I took 6 inches alone off of my stomach, 3 inches off my waist and 2.5 off my hips....the hardest area for me to get weight to budge from. To say I'm happy is an understatement.

Not convinced?  Check out my friend Angie and her husband's results from the 21 Day Fix program!

Are you ready for a 21 day program to help you reach your goals? 

I provide one-on-one coaching in my private online Facebook groups to help motivate, guide and support people through their workout and nutrition programs and help them get closer to achieving their goals. If you'd like to learn more about my next open group, complete the application at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about the 21 Day Fix email me and I can help you out!

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