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80 Day Obsession

Paulina's 80 Day Obsession Transformation

She lost 25lb and 23 inches in 80 days!

Check out Paulina's testimonial!

"I feel like new person inside out! I might have lost weight but it's not comparable to what I gained... Confidence and desire to live best life...I don't know if you can describe it that way but that's how I feel."⁣
Not only that, but one thing Paulina hadn't shared with us UNTIL she had finished the program is that she also has PCOS which makes weight loss an even bigger struggle. ⁣
She said, "Gaining Weight is the most difficult symptom of this condition. That's why it's so emotional for me. You can accomplished anything you want... You just have to be strong."⁣

Brooke's Transformation after only 3 weeks of 80 Day Obsession

Viktoria's Phase 1 80 Day Obsession Results

Meet Kim! 
She's been following our 80 day program and these are her 2 month results!

21 Day Fix

"MM's" 21 Day Fix results

I am BEYOND excited to feature this next success story, but I have promised to keep my client anonymous per her request. She has graciously allowed me to share her 21 day fix results from Jan-Feb 2018 and her message to me with her excitement!

11lb and 30 inches down in just 21 days is extraordinary! She rocked this program from the very beginning and dealt with all the issues a working momma and wife deals with.

But check out her post below for how excited these results made HER feel! And this is just the beginning!

Alexa's 21 Day Fix (Round 1) Transformation

Check out my friend Angie and her husband's 21 Day Fix results here

Month 1 of T25

My challenger at this time has asked that I keep her name private but she has kicked some serious butt in just 1 MONTH of T25. Couldn't be more proud!

Multi-Program Success Stories

Marion's multi-program success story!

3 Day Refresh and Shakeology
Sometimes the internal effects are even more than the physical results! Check out this amazing message I received from one of my challengers who had not informed me ahead of time that she suffers from Ulcerative Coalitis. I am thrilled she spoke to her Doctor before trying our products, I always recommend with any medical condition you do, but I couldn't have been any more excited about her results......as you can see from my expression (yes that's me in the picture...on the verge of tears!)

Ulcerative Coalitis relief/solutions/help.

Additional Testimonials from my Challengers

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